Friday, 17 May 2013

PlyPi Plans

For a long time now, people have been asking for the plans to the PlyPi.  I'm afraid life (and all that entails) has got in the way.  But now, behold!  I've got the plans scanned into a PDF file.  They even seem to print at the right size on my end (which, in my opinion, is as close to a miracle as anything I've ever seen).  So hopefully they will be useful to you.

Raspberry Pi - PlyPi - Case (Audio/Analogue Video)

One thing I managed to leave off the accompanying text - it's of course possible to make the PlyPi without an HDMI socket hole.  You might need to adjust the plans a little - but really, the skies are the limit!  Well, they are when you attach a RPi to a weather balloon, anyway...

If you're pleased with the plans, please consider sending a small donation.  It might not seem much, but it might make a huge difference to me.

Anyway, have fun!

The PlyPi Plan


  1. Hi Stephen,

    Inspired by your PlyPi case I decided to design my own based on yours, since it's the most beautiful design I have seen for the Raspberry Pi. However, I wanted to make it compatible with the Pi2 and also to be laser cut, so I fused your design concept with the pinomori Pibow case.

    With that in mind, and knowing that I'm going to upload the files as open source, would it be possible to entitle the case as the PlyPi 2 for the sake of continuity? Please send me an email and I'll send you some pictures if you want to see it.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Tana,

      That sounds very exciting! In principal I'd be very happy for you to call your case the plypi2, although could you please credit me as the designer of the original model? I'd also love to see some photos but can't find an email address for you. Could you give me it, please?

      Best wishes


  2. Its says that the plans don't live there anymore

  3. i can't access the plans as it doesn't lives there anymore