Monday, 26 April 2010

Caged Muse

I had an interesting message today on my photostream on Flickr from the highly talented WorldScope. One of the things I most admire about his work is the great flexibility he shows in subject, genre and even technique whilst still retaining a great sense of personal style and feeling. Honestly, you must check out his work. Personally I'm still trying to work out how to go about pinching his new camera...

Anyway, he suggested that I should post more work outside of the Macro genre in which I am comfortable. He has a very good point and I've been trawling through my archives for examples I could upload (and have done...take a look and see what you think)

I'm somewhat house-bound due to illness. I am able to get out, but the process is quite involved and doesn't happen often. When it does, it's usually for a necessary action rather than an enjoyable photoshoot. For that reason, Macro photography has been extremely important to me. I've been able to expand the relatively small space I inhabit by looking much more closely into it. A flower bed suddenly becomes a forest. An every day object can become a fully paid up (and extremely cooperative) model.

This doesn't mean that I am necessarily content with things as they are, though...and I do rather wish I had people around me to model and the chance to tramp through the countryside capturing some of the images I dream of. So this rather limited selection of photographs from holidays and rare days out are rather important to me. I don't know how much skill and art they demonstrate, but every single one has a story and were of great value to me.


  1. Thanks again for crediting me Stephen if i can call you that btw (you will never get my camera its in a safe guarded by dogs 24/7) I had no idea about your being House Bound :( was hoping to meet you someday But that being said to make the best of a bad situation I had an Idea For you that you may be interested in (A chronicle Off Your Day As you see it from the inside but then Shoot outside From the inside and how you perceive it to be) :)

  2. Thanks very much mate. That's a cracking idea. I was hoping to actually use it for Blogging Against Disablism Day, but ran out of time. But I'll definitely use the idea soon as just a general series.

    As for your camera...well, I've now got my heart set on a your camera and dogs are safe for now ;)

  3. cheers, stephen... i don't believe things happen by chance so I know there is a reason why I got here... i am moved by how you see the bright side of things... you are a special person, stephen... i feel that reading your blog has made me know you more... do take care, my friend - yours, rob

  4. Thanks Rob...I'm going to have fun looking through your blog when I get the chance. But bed!